Niagara Frontier Bicycle Club

Wednesday Night South

Charles Grammer Membership Chairperson

This looks like a great ride - that Grover descent is fun. But it's payment up front for the hills on Jewett-Holmwood!

This was my first Wednesday Night South ride of the year. The route was designed by Pat Danaher a few years ago after they had just paved Grover Road. It had previously been in extremely bad shape. I remember being overjoyed to have this long, rolling, silky-smooth descent at our disposal. The "Frank Soltiz 2008 RLOTY Rain Free Guarantee" was in effect. There were just a few sprinkles as we pulled into the parking lot at the end of the ride. Conditions were quite nice and comfortable. Some of the rural roads were in pretty bad shape, but there was no traffic, so we could search out the smooth spots. Let me say, the motorists we encountered on some of the busier roads were very courteous to our group. I was delightful to see. We had a nice group. We welcomed two guests which is always nice.

Ron Penton Webmaster

Picked Murray because it's probably going to be rained out eh? :D

This may have backfired on me big time. I loath to wish for bad weather. The forecast led me to think the whole day was going to be a washout.

These rides include the technical downhill turns on Willardshire. Please exercise due caution. I have not ridden there in awhile and it would be prudent to assume the road is in bad shape there to add to the "excitement".

I'm not sure if anyone noticed, but the location of the ride start for Wednesday P.M. South has changed for 2017. We will be riding from the Chestnut Ridge Park Casino Lot. I proposed this change for several reasons. There have been requests for this change by riders over the years. The parking lot at the Municipal Building in the Village has become noticeably more busy in recent years. Traffic in the Village has seemed to increased. Poor road conditions have limited the ways we can leave the Village safely.

The Ridge is an established starting point for many weekend rides. The Park has all the amenities riders need, namely adequate parking and rest room facilities. I also believe I will be able to come up with routes that are relatively safe and interesting. Since we are limited by geography, this ride wil naturally feature quite a bit of contour.

Another thing I'd like the membership to think about is getting a ride leader who lives in the area. I enjoy leading this ride, but I do live 20 miles away. It's normally not a problem except when weather makes riding questionable. Rides are never "cancelled" by ride leaders, so I show up even when it's pretty certain no one would be riding.

I've never had a problem getting someone to cover for me on short notice, but I think it would be a good idea to have a couple of designated ride co-leaders from OP to provide reliable back-up. This job could not be easier. Show-up, sign 'em in. You can also ride, although it's not required. So, please think about this.

I'm in the process of developing new routes from the Ridge. It's something I enjoy doing. I will certainly try to have a unique ride each week, but it may take a couple of years to get there. I'm kind of excited about this new adventure. BTW, rides begin on April 5 at 6pm.

April 26, 2017

It looks like Wednesday might be the best day for cycling so far this season. They're calling for 75 degrees and sunny. It's our last 6 o'clock start until September. I put together a nice 23 mile route. I think it's pretty hilly. Nothing too crazy, but good for a Puncheur( I learned that from Toshi).

We plan on bringing out our tandem for the first club ride this season.

We're looking forward to seeing you ate The Ridge.

Thanks to all who volunteered to help me out for the month of May. I hope I don't need to call upon you, but it's nice to know you've got my back. Like last Wednesday, it's a bit of a schlepp for me when I know I won't be riding. Thank you for stepping up!



You're very welcome. We were happy to help.

The un-Danaher's

May 17, 2017 Ride

Hi, folks:

I need an outdoor climbing workout. Wednesday looks like it might be the nicest day we've had in quite awhile. I decided it's time to take a trip up Behm Rd from South Davis in West Falls. The route is posted. It's a little over 25miles with around 1700ft of climbing and 11 Strava segments.


Got Miles?

Wednesday P.M. South

There's a lot of chip/sealing going on. They're doing it later in the season than usual. They're using some pretty coarse "chips" on some of the roads. I was thinking about climbing Brown Hill Road out of Boston tonight. I think it's one of the few category 3 Strava segments around here. Liggett would call it "a hellish 6%". I think it's mostly because of its length, because I don't think it's crazy steep. There usually isn't too much traffic here, so you might be more able to search for smooth pavement. Speaking of which, the ride descends Zimmerman, which is no good. Be safe, go slow, and enjoy the view.


Got Miles?


Hi, folks:

A substitute ride leader is needed for April 24th. Please let me know ASAP in case you need the paperwork.


I took my wife today on this route with our ebikes. If riding up Brown Hill or up Boston-Colden Road and the first part of Cole Road if going in the other direction won't convince you of the utility of having an ebike in the stable nothing will. 😏Seriously this is a great route.

David Dunkle Director

Much better roads now that Boston-Colden has been paved.