Niagara Frontier Bicycle Club

Finger Lakes Challenge

This year, when I feel fit, I plan to cycle the 11 Finger lakes. Not conservatively, just in this season. Anyone do this yet?

I got the idea from here:

I've done a few of them. For Canandaigua, I'd recommend adding an out-&-back along the SE bit (there's a nice road down right along the water, pretty view, that dead-ends after a bit of gravel at someone's lake house backyard). For the route I made, a lot of the climbing was unfortunately right at the end on a very hot day, as I wanted to end our ride at a beach and Onanda was the only one that hadn't been closed down early for the season in mid August). (I also insisted on doing it clockwise... otherwise, you may have large sections where the road itself is blocking the view)

Seneca and Cayuga have some really nice sections and a lot of 'meh' sections (~highway-ey shoulder with minimal view). For that trip, I did 1 ride with bits of both that traveled between them, and a day of exploring Ithaca and farther side of Cayuga rather than circling them. Sampson state park on Seneca Lake is a nice place to explore, with a beach. has a trail along the water to the south. Ithaca has some gorgeous views.

I haven't done Canadice. (No paved road on the west side of the lake, and a 24" fatbike would have made that a v~e~r~y long day).

Hi Renee! And thanks. Looking forward to those downhill gravel roads on 25's.

I'm done. Was fun and exhausting, even though i didn't ride consecutive days. I'm still not fully recovered from leg surgery, so it was a bit challenging. I would recommend completing this challenge. Favorite lakes were Skaneatles (because of the town Skaneareles) and Keuka (because of the fun roads and nice vacation homes).

Are your routes available to view on Strava/RWGPS? I might want to tackle this next summer.

Yes you can look me up on Strava as Sherard G and see where I chose to start each ride.

Also, below site has links to each Garmin Connect route plus it has a good description of the rider's experience:

I recommend reading it. I followed those route recommendations. There were a copule of detours. Also, riding Hemlock clockwise would be safer avoiding the 2 mile gravel downhill. I rode Seneca clockwise too and found that route on ride with GPS. Campsite whete I started Cayuga lake has showers!