Niagara Frontier Bicycle Club

Thanks for a great party

Posted on 5/4/2023
Author Bradshaw Hovey

    Thanks to everyone who came out to the party at Flying Bison Brewing Company on Saturday afternoon. It seemed like people had a good time, at least those who refused to go home. We distributed about three quarters of the apparel members ordered and we sold nearly half the socks.

    Those of you who had purchased gear but weren't able to come: we have handed off your packages to active members of the club who know you, know the rides you frequent, or just live somewhere in your vicinity. Those folks will be in touch with you soon if they haven't reached out already to arrange a hand-off. We will get your stuff to you.

    I have heard from one person who needs to make a return. There are instructions on the Jakroo website for how to process an exchange. If you used their fitting service they will make you a new item in the size you need free of charge, although you will have to pay the postage. If you have other problems, let us know. We will try to help.

    We will continue to sell the socks until they are all gone. Six dollars a pair is just slightly above cost and they are beautiful socks. You will be the envy of your fellow riders. If not, you will be embarrassed when your socks don't match your jersey. S/M fits men's sizes 5-9 or women's 6-10. LG/XL fits men's 9-13 and women's 10-14. Various club officers, ride leaders, and super volunteers will keep a stash in their cars. Just ask.

    For those who sincerely regret passing on the new kit, the Jakroo team store will remain open for one-off purchases. The only catch is that the incredible discounts we enjoyed will not apply.

    Thanks to Jen Adolf, Greg Kordas, Jim Turner, Karen Alongi, Jason Deckert, Mike Viggato, and Brenda Fischer for staffing the distribution tables. And special thanks to Joan Charleson who turned three big boxes of mixed stuff into eight boxes of sorted and alphabetized individual orders. Phew.

    Let your President know if you thought Flying Bison was a good venue for a club event. We were welcome just for the price of food and drink. That is, no charge to the club.