Niagara Frontier Bicycle Club

Evening Ride Start Times

Posted on 5/1/2023
Author Bradshaw Hovey

    May 1 is the date at which historically we have shifted the evening ride start time from 6:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. The rationale for this was pretty simple. As the daylight grew longer there was more leeway to let people get home from work and get ready to ride than there is in April or September. More people could ride.

    This year, however, we are going to try an experiment.

    Some of the weeknight riders wanted very strongly to keep the 6 p.m. ride start all year long. Other weeknight ride leaders wanted to shift to 6:30 this coming week and shift back after August is through. On the principle that our ride leaders know their riders and their rides, we have decided to let each one choose.

    We don't have to have one size fits all. But we need to be consistent (for example, so new riders don't show up to an empty parking lot). And we need to communicate clearly. So, here is the new schedule:

    6 p.m. ride start thoroughout the season will be:

    • Wednesday night, Swormville/ Karen Alongi and Jason Deckert.
    • Thursday night, Amherst Museum/ Karen Alongi and Jason Deckert.
    • Thursday night Como Park, Lancaster/ Jennifer Adolf.

    Switching to 6:30 p.m. ride start this week will be:

    • Monday night Clarence Center/ Rebecca Ribis
    • Monday night Hamlin Park, EA/ Jim Sawyer
    • Tuesday night Pendleton/ Jim Karnath
    • Tuesday night Hamburg/ Matt Luly
    • Wednesday night Chestnut Ridge/ Bradshaw Hovey
    • Friday night Elma Meadows/ Necole Zayatz.

    This will all be reflected on the website schedule and your individual ride leaders will communicate with you directly by Facebook and e-mail.

    The experiment part comes in when you talk to your ride leaders to discuss what works better for you. But we also want to think about what works better for the club as a whole, especially when we are trying to encourae younger riders (who might still have jobs) to join and participate in the club.

    And let me, Bradshaw, know what you think any time you want.

    New Club Kit -- Delivery etc.

    Posted on 4/3/2023
    Author Bradshaw Hovey

      For the 85 club members who bought jerseys and stuff, your long lonely wait is almost over. We expect to receive our bulk shipment in about a week. So, stay tuned for arrangements to deliver these to the far flung faithful of the NFBC. We will distribute these as quickly as we can although no real rush because the weather sucks so bad.

      For those of you who neglected to use the free shipping code, we are assured by the manufacturer that that have processed -- or will soon be processing -- your $13 refund (or more if you had a big order). Check your credit card statements for any discrepancy. Hint: there are only six of you.

      Also, be aware that we have 14 dozen pairs of matching socks that will also go on sale as we distribute the other apparel you ordered. Low, low price will be $6 a pair and we have plenty in SM/MED and LG/XL. We got socks the last time we did new jerseys etc. and I always felt the three pairs I bought were not enough. Do not get caught under-socked.

      For those of you who didn't buy a jersey or bibs or shorts or gloves or jackets or cute little caps, don't despair. When you realize the mistake you made you can go back to the manufacturer and pay full retail price.

      New Clarence Ride Starts

      Posted on 3/3/2023
      Author Bradshaw Hovey

        The riding season is almost upon us. Our Clarence Friday morning and Monday evening rides have a new starting location. The new ride start is at Zion Lutheran Church at 9535 Clarence Center Road in Clarence Center Road. (The church on Thompson Road where we used to start was sold and is no longer available). Some of the old rides will be adjusted to accommodate the new starting location and some new rides will be created. Both are popular events. Come on out. Not by the way, the pastor of the church has asked us not to use the Elm Street entrance to the parking lot. Please use the entrance off Clarence Center Road.